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VERY LARGE WORKS will be an online show, a pavilion at art biennale (Nov 2019 – Mar 2020), organised by

The pavilion is a reaction to bloated works, systems and structures, which prey on the resources of the world to exhaustion. The notion of Very Large Works stands to represent oppressive, imperialist and patriarchal tendencies throughout history. Values still nurtured, not least in the arts, hung up on romantic ideas of public opinion. A white-wash in many ways – culturally, institutionally and economically.

Our goal is to make an open, collaborative and self-modifying space for creating and curating art on the internet. We were inspired by the game Nomic (, where each move is a change to the rules of the game. VLW also intends to explore if the dynamics on expanding spaces ( could model a net-based discursive practice for the entangled pair of art and curation.

You can take part by submitting questions and works related to questions. In other words, you can participate as a curator formulating questions, as an artist answering questions with works, or any combination of the two. We are looking for contributions that embody critique of the very large, which question, invert or revert its definition, use and abuse.

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Surprise second exhibition!
The Burrow
 will be a secondary space for VLW, administered by Aad Björkro with the help of Noemata. A strange-loop reflection of the pavilion proper, like neighbors in a disparaged apartment complex realizing they could both have a huge living space by hammering down the wall between them — instead of living perfectly bounded, cramped and alone. The two spaces will be part of the show on separate sites, and
    [Very Large Work – VLW – Vulnerable List Wrapper]
    [Somewhat Nestled Wrapper – SNW – Safe Not-Work]
The space is inspired by the Aardvark; who when threatened prefers to hide – using its claws to dig into the ground rather than striking. The Burrow is imagined as a spot in the VLW gallery where someone got too afraid and violently dug through the floor, shattering both marble and claws, to huddle with the roots in the earth.

Here we look for alternative ways to contend with the rapacity of the world. Ways not content with only turning the tables, still at the same table. Ways to hide under the table or to comfort those who must hide.
“Take no part, make nope art” – Anonymous———-

The Burrow is a platform for VLW with its own platforms:



Burrow Discussion


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