With 69.numbers.suck BrowserBased follows certain types of graffiti on the public phone
booths of Athens. By mapping the (re)appearance and cross-references of those writings, we read the everyday anarchic networks of scratch and pen, as they reuse the withering public phone infrastructure – in the way of quizzical nodes – in transition to “private”

Going mobile is all location independent but addressed by the very written 69 prefix of crossed-over digits in obscured messages – are they squabbles or competitions? And? Readings of those glyphic scratches, brassed off phallic symbols, derelict prophecies, frappe stains, their patterns and misdialled callers reveal mostly fragments in hindsight.

The changing nature registered is shaped by streetwalkers, their paths and territories as they are being drawn and redrawn.

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69.numbers.suck is a BrowserBased production by:
Alex Zakkas, Joubin Zargarbashi, Radovan Misovic, Zsolt Mesterhazy

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