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WannaTry (Again)? – Ipanema Edition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A peripatetic exhibition organized by Noemata in collaboration with Browserbased, in the streets and beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Handing out works from Igor and Ivan Buharov (DE/HU), Chaise group (Facebook), Jagoda Dmochowska (NL/PL), Silvia Gatti (NL/IT), Ben Grosser (US), Tibor Horvath (DE/HU), Florian Kuhlmann (DE), Bjørn Magnhildøen (ES/NO), Zsolt Mesterhazy (NL), Karina Palosi (NL/HU), Dominik Podsiadly (PL),, Jasna Velickovic (NL/ RS), Alex Zakkas (NL/GR), Joubin Zargarbashi (NL/UK/IR), and Aad Björkro (SE).

Scroll down to see entry for the former WannaTry show organized by #browserbased that took place in Loutraki, Greece, as part of TILT platform’s IASIS/ HEALING exhibition, July 12 – Aug 4, 2019.

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“#nfcdab@thewrong” – call!

Dear Artists #nfcdab,

we would like to invite you to take part in the next #nfcdab shows, this time within frame of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale.

This year, the exhibition will be realized as an online pavilion and embassy in a series of shows in several locations in Wrocław. The presentation of the works will start from November 1, 2019 up to March 1, 2020. More information about the exhibition venues will be provided at the end of September 2019.

As a part of this year’s edition of “#nfcdab@thewrong”, we want to present works from all previous editions of # nfcdab. Some of the works from last shows are no longer available on the web. Therefore, a kind request for artists – let us know how we can restore your works for the time of the planned exhibition. In addition to archival work, you will also be able to submit new proposals. Open call is also open to new artists who want to take part in our project.

The works must be adapted to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. We will present all types of Internet activity such as websites, videos, images, games and mobile applications, as well as social media activities, music, bots, AI and all kinds of texts (due to technological limitations, we approve only 100 characters for NFC tags and 356 characters for QR codes).

During “#nfcdab@thewrong” we want to present any kind of art based on a digital network that expresses and interacts with the dynamic and dispersed form of P2P (peer-to-peer), realized by means of electromagnetic, light and wireless technologies.

Do It With Others / Zrób To Z Innymi.

Submission Guidelines:
-▓ please add an email subject: “nfcdab_at_thewrong”
-▓ send us a link to your work or text or art QR code to:

Link and Text Guidelines:
-▓ text or link max 100 characters for NFC tags and 356 characters for QR codes
-▓ content playable on mobile and portable devices – smartphone and tablets
-▓ all type of web based activity: web pages, video, image, social media activity, music, games, mobile apps, bots, AI and more.

-▓ August, 15, 2019.

More Info about Project:

Our Friends:

Browser Based



First  Deadline:
-▓ August, 15, 2019

Very Large Works

Open Call

VERY LARGE WORKS will be an online show, a pavilion at art biennale (Nov 2019 – Mar 2020), organised by

The pavilion is a reaction to bloated works, systems and structures, which prey on the resources of the world to exhaustion. The notion of Very Large Works stands to represent oppressive, imperialist and patriarchal tendencies throughout history. Values still nurtured, not least in the arts, hung up on romantic ideas of public opinion. A white-wash in many ways – culturally, institutionally and economically.

Our goal is to make an open, collaborative and self-modifying space for creating and curating art on the internet. We were inspired by the game Nomic (, where each move is a change to the rules of the game. VLW also intends to explore if the dynamics on expanding spaces ( could model a net-based discursive practice for the entangled pair of art and curation.

You can take part by submitting questions and works related to questions. In other words, you can participate as a curator formulating questions, as an artist answering questions with works, or any combination of the two. We are looking for contributions that embody critique of the very large, which question, invert or revert its definition, use and abuse.

For MORE INFO visit

Surprise second exhibition!
The Burrow
 will be a secondary space for VLW, administered by Aad Björkro with the help of Noemata. A strange-loop reflection of the pavilion proper, like neighbors in a disparaged apartment complex realizing they could both have a huge living space by hammering down the wall between them — instead of living perfectly bounded, cramped and alone. The two spaces will be part of the show on separate sites, and
    [Very Large Work – VLW – Vulnerable List Wrapper]
    [Somewhat Nestled Wrapper – SNW – Safe Not-Work]
The space is inspired by the Aardvark; who when threatened prefers to hide – using its claws to dig into the ground rather than striking. The Burrow is imagined as a spot in the VLW gallery where someone got too afraid and violently dug through the floor, shattering both marble and claws, to huddle with the roots in the earth.

Here we look for alternative ways to contend with the rapacity of the world. Ways not content with only turning the tables, still at the same table. Ways to hide under the table or to comfort those who must hide.
“Take no part, make nope art” – Anonymous———-

The Burrow is a platform for VLW with its own platforms:



Burrow Discussion


Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 2018

open call for works
Near Enough? – the amsterdam edition of the 3rd near-field communication digital art biennale – is calling for works! the idea is to take advantage of the potentials of near field (mis)communication and other sharing technologies for showcasing and making web-based digital art in outdoors settings. after gol(No) and warsaw(PL), #nfcdab#3 will come to amsterdam(NL) and go on to valencia(ES), wroclaw(PL) and possibly prague(CZ), berlin (DE), and athens(GR). the works are being shared between nodes! deadline for submissions is 31 july 2018!
exhibition dates: 5 -12 august 2018 with the exception of 11th.
NFC tags, QR codes, routers (free hotspots), sensors. 
keep in mind: A. human sensory pack, B. sensors in mobile devices, see:
what we’re looking for:
– contextual, parasitic, virtual, imaginary, descriptive, phenomenological, mapping art.
– parasitic on art context and on human perception.
– the character is lo-budget and lo-tech, even to the degree of being ‘bricked’ (unresponsive) as a strategy against the spectacle which is technology.
– a focus on the relation between inert physical objects and their virtual counterpart in a broad sense being objects of our perception – coming alive, activated by innate or prostetic sensors.
– fictionalization, obfuscation, and muddling of information, activating associative, lateral, derailing storylines. a staging of events, not for common digestion all bombyx (written on a box of canned silk worm pupaes). there should always be the possibility that the biennale doesn’t exist. it may be a practical joke or simply a hallucination of arcane references found in public spaces, toilet walls, and bricked streets. 
– the works can be textual descriptions of possible or impossible artworks for the locations. invert works to ‘prompts’ for activating the subject ‘in place of the work’.
– alternative mapping strategies between physical and virtual.
– how the tech can be used to invert modes of exhibition and perception.
– people can act like sensors, works can be prompts – an activation of your innate senses.
– descriptive art, the code-tag can act as a prompt for people to write, to email, web or nfc message board.
– a description of a virtual or imaginary artwork, or reinterpretation of a real (or virtual!) work at site.
– hybrid object, virtual-real, the tag refers to its virtual counter-part, complement/undermine/commenting it.
– an object’s memory, available to the decoder, and collected by (mail/web/nfcboard).
– virtual graffiti, a camera obscura – creating of an inverted virtual-physical space.
– ambulating, walking, tagging, flaneur.
– content playable or bricked on mobile, portable devices, human senses and imagination.
– whatever you can conjure up related to the call, even if  it is of a contrary stance.
– interventions and tripwires.
– submissions should contain: title, author, url or file(s), sticker graphics fitting on 9x 4,5cm in a landscape orientation with QR code title, author + whatever. we will print, cut and paste them onto the plantersigns. multiple stickers with QR codes are possible when needed! see: more works or text based works that are longer than approx. 255 words presented only on QR code. if you wish you can send us a NFC tag or an explanation why you need a NFC tag! sorry, guys we are working with a shoestring budget! 
via email
    subject: Near Enough? nfcdab# 2018
we will be greatful if you spread the word and forward the call!

for the bird visit:

online tools:
URL shortener:


Scripting the Other

Scripting the Other curated by for

Opening event, Nov 1, 2017 19:00 (CET/Paris time)
Performance reariting : Apparatus_is {Other-s}
By Annie Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez. With Nick Montfort, Zombectro, Renee Carmichael. Based on a text by Annie Abrahams.
Exhibiting artists
: Annie Abrahams, Mez Breeze, Ynfab Bruno,, Renee Carmichael, Mark Cypher, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Emmanuel Guez, David Guez, Jan Robert Leegte, Anna-Luise Lorenz, Loveletter.exe, Christine Meinders, Nick Montfort, Geert Mul, Luke Munn, Jeneen Naji, Quenzamson, Antoine Schmitt, Selwa Sweidan, Enric Socias, Winnie Soon, Michael Szpakowski, Canek Zapata, Zombectro, zipIT.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SCRIPTING THE OTHER explores the notions of the Other and Otherness in online, performative scripting and writing. The idea is to use internet as an instrument of the Other, and antitheses to the echochamber of the self, and set up an interface towards it, as if communicating with or observing an undefined, unknown or unknowable entity, operating system, or AI. The exhibition examines text and text-visuals in meeting with an inordinant ‘Here Comes Everything’, the role and protocol of author, reader, viewer – entangled and undermined.
The exhibition is a pavilion in the third edition of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale (Nov 1, 2017 – Jan 31, 2018),
The exhibition is organized and curated by Noemata (Bjørn Magnhildøen, Ana Buigues). The show is part of the project Other Writing initiated by Noemata and funded by Arts Council Norway, Noemata is a production site for digital and netbased art,, affiliated with PNEK (production network for electronic art Norway),



Yami Ichi Brussels #2

Some images from Yami Ichi Brussels #2, 2017. It is was a great event thanks to IMAL and all who participated!

Photos: Alex Zakkas, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Jan Robert Leegte, Konstantina Mavridou and Zsolt Mesterhazy.