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#nfcdab 6, Leise Park, Berlin

Vernissage and curatorial guided tour:
2 February 2024 2.00 – 3.00 PM

2 February 2024, 1.00 PM – 5 PM
3 – 4 February 2024, 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Heinrich-Roller-Straße 24, 10405 Berlin (DE)

Artists and art projects:
Adrian Pickett, Andrea Roccioletti, Andreas Maria Jacobs, Angy Vardalou, Anna Pinkas, Anna Utopia Giordano, AK Ocol, Ayshe Kizilçay – KiAy, Benna Gaean Maris, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Blazir, Bruce Barber, Bruno Melo, Bya de Paula, Dave Greber, Davey Whitcraft, Đurđija Vucinic, Elaine Crowe, James Hutchinson, Karl Heinz Jeron, Klaus Pinter, Marc Lee, Max Herman, Nico Vassilakis, Nicole Kouts, Oli Olinski, Osvaldo Cibils, Peter Kusek, Ricardo F. Bodini, Rudy Paganini – forevermidi_com, Shin Jungkyun, Stefanie Reling-Burns, Tiz Creel, Zsolt Mesterhazy, and #DUMPHAUS – Curated by Catalina Vallejos and Ronnie Karfiol – Artist: Featuring Deatxwish, Taiki Arita, Tiến Nguyễn, Trí Thiện, Lê Duy, Xuân Minh, Gia Huy, Flounder Lee, Martina Noskova, Idklang, Aaporia, Magdi Mostafa, Jialun Wang, Hiroshi Murakami, David Longshaw, Athina Kanellopoulous, Ioana & Pablo, The Mainstream Official, Oksana Rudko, Liu Chang, Chloe Cheuk, Kayoko Nakamura, Aleksei Martyniuk, Blanche The Vidiot, F.C. Zuke, Nina Sumarac, Giuseppe De Benedittis, Ania Urbanski, Contaminated Carcass, Jaimerative Art.

Thank you Dominik Podsiadly, Bjørn Magnhildøen and all participating artists!

10 years anniversary at Konstantina’s

Mauricio’s JS for jitsy.
Rotating screens.
Preparing a talk
On screen, a pic of one location of #nfcdab 2022 in Gárdony, HU.
An animation based on the opening event of hÿperlocal at povvera, Berlin seen through Logstalgia.
Assorted objects from browserbased, noemata and nfcwproject.
The Making of Leap Second Festival 2016.

On January 27, 2023 browserbased gathered for a small celebration. Konstantina Mavridou graciously hosted the evening and together with Joubin Zargarbashi and Mauricio van der Maesen de Sombreff made the installation as well as the local jitsy server set up to rotate through connected laptop screens.

Safe Mode: Amplified Realities, Athens, 08.10 – 05.11 2022.

A 3 part exhibition SAFE MODE: AMPLIFIED REALITIES _ PART ONE, SAFE MODE: AMPLIFIED REALITIES _ PART TWO and SAFE MODE: AMPLIFIED REALITIES _ PART THREE co-curated by TILT platform and Foteini Vergidou at The Project Gallery, Misc.Athens and BHD.hub. Eye wash station and curtains, was by Alex Zakkas and Zsolt Mesterhazy for

Following some exhausting hunt, parts for the eye wash were obtained via the browser from ali**** and assembled with an admirable eye for detail and inspiring local care!

Thank you Foteini Vergidou and Tilt Platform for the invitation and spirited production!

eye wash station and curtains by alex zakkas and zsolt mesterhazy for browserbased at Misc Athens.

#nfcdab 2022, pedreguer, es.

4th city: Pedreguer (ES) locations,0.0191779,14z/data=!3m1!4b1 #nfcdab Q2X5+4R Pedreguer #nfcdab Q2WQ+84 Pedreguer docs:,es_bjorn/home.html

Special thanks to Bjørn Magnhildøen!

#nfcdab 2022, gárdony, hu.

3rd city, location at gallery 27349, coordinates: 47.208258 N, 18.637858 E.

3rd city, other location, coordinates: 47.2095259 N, 18.6394883,561 E.

Artists: Alex Zakas, Ana Buigues, Benna Gaean Maris, Brian Khuu, Dominik Podsiadly, Felix Adam, Iza Koczanowska, Joubin Zargarbashi, Jovita Majewski, Juli Laczko, Klara Landwehr, Konstantina Mavridou, Mirosław Chudy, Noemata,, Patrick Lichty, tzcha.tez, Xavier Dallet.

All files, logo, poster and qr codes are available at

Special thanks to Ágnes Ungár and Auróra Merczel for helping and hosting!

#nfcdab 2022, Thessaloniki

NFC Thessaloniki, a street art version of our #nfcdab show in the streets of Thessaloniki.
Go find them!

El. Venizelou 6, Thessaloniki 546 24, Greece
Politechniou 26, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece
Vasileos Irakleiou 15, Thessaloniki 546 24, Greece
Ermou, Thessaloniki 546 23, Greece
Kastritsiou 5, Thessaloniki 546 23, Greece
Kastritsiou 32, Thessaloniki 546 23, Greece
Stilponos Kiriakidi, Thessaloniki 546 36, Greece


Special thanks to Konstantina Mavridou!

next beginning

at Galerie Wundersee, Fürstenwall 124, Düsseldorf, Germany on 14.05.2022.

Artists: Alex Zakas, Ana Buigues, Benna Gaean Maris, Brian Khuu, Dominik Podsiadly, Felix Adam, Iza Koczanowska, Joubin Zargarbashi, Jovita Majewski, Juli Laczko, Klara Landwehr, Konstantina Mavridou, Mirosław Chudy, Noemata,, Patrick Lichty, tzcha.tez, Xavier Dallet.

Many thanks to and!

The Internet Yami-Ichi 10th Year Anniversary Book Launch

flyer by Joubin Zargarbashi

You are cordially invited to attend a parallel book launch in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, etc. In Amsterdam, the doors will be open 5 – 9 PM local time, on 15. April 2022. Address: Budapest, Pesthuislaan, WG. Terrein, Amsterdam. Look for the signs! Enter through the garden. Climb the stairs behind the Buddha statue. If stairs are a problem there is a properly accessible door (and WC) from the other side, but you’ll probably need to contact folks to open it.


Do you remember the landscape of the Internet 10 years ago? (I don’t!) The Internet Yami-Ichi was born in Tokyo in 2012, and the year, 2022, is its 10th anniversary! In the past decade, 43 Yami-Ichis have been held in more than 30 cities (you didn’t know that, right?!). We have to download and save all those vaguely-remembered backstreet landscapes of the Internet before they disappear into the 404s! With this sense of mission, We chose a paper book as the destination for the download!

The title of the book is “A DECADE TO DOWNLOAD“ – * The book will be available in English only – * Online digital version is available for free – * Participants will be able to pre-order the book at a discounted price!

At Budapest’s request, not advertised on social media! Otherwise spread the word and apologies for eventual cross-posting!

The Limited Edition is available at the Standard Edition at or the Free Download at and