0,1 // assume both



0,1 // assume both
Does 0 mean off?
Does 1 mean yes?
// 011100110110111101110011

The nature of the real is disputable. Is the digital any different? Are they even separate?
Even though it is presumed that digital spaces are neatly organised – they are in fact as kludgy as the next space. Every slot has its own standard, every platform its own handle, every socket its own protocol. With “0,1 //assume both”, BrowserBased illustrates some of these ambiguities in a playful manner.

BrowserBased Group functions as a practice oriented, open research platform which deals with the browser based context and net-culture as a space for knowledge creation and dispersion. We organize live coding sessions, gatherings for guest speakers, workshops, international exhibitions and more.
Currently, the geo-marker of BrowserBased is set in Amsterdam, where the group was first formed from the need to organise a physical hub for the networked arts. We offer a platform for net art, maintain archives of recorded streams and our exhibitions and run an open page on Facebook. BrowserBased focusses on the progressive and dominant influence of the Internet, spurred on by the net being the central medium for communication, research, discourse, (re)presentation and art itself. Since we do not believe in geographical constraints and the governing academic conventions, we are constantly looking for collaboration with like minded, international communities.

Open call Internet Yami-ichi / Black Market Amsterdam

Dear BrowserBased groupies,
May we invite you all to send in requests for a booth at the Internet Yami-ichi / Black Market coming up here in Amsterdam on the 9 – 10 May. It’s going to be an awesome mixture of rockstars and nobodies, the precious and the banal, online and offline, hard commodities and fleeting performances, the in- and outdoors, locals and internationals, the individual and communities, art and non-art. But above all a shared Celebration of our Beloved Monstrosity the Internet.

Pop us a message if you want to join or have questions.

Read the public call for details (scroll down for English):