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My first study travelling up the wire in 1997 was accompanied with a feeling of stepping through a crack in the wall into a whole new Terra Incognita of Fine Art; the New Wild West, vast and undiscovered. The feeling still holds to this day. The Internet is continuing to taunt the fine art establishment; bringing new, questioning the old and continuing art history. Although it has been more then 20 years now, it’s only just begun.

Open call Internet Yami-ichi / Black Market Amsterdam

Dear BrowserBased groupies,
May we invite you all to send in requests for a booth at the Internet Yami-ichi / Black Market coming up here in Amsterdam on the 9 – 10 May. It’s going to be an awesome mixture of rockstars and nobodies, the precious and the banal, online and offline, hard commodities and fleeting performances, the in- and outdoors, locals and internationals, the individual and communities, art and non-art. But above all a shared Celebration of our Beloved Monstrosity the Internet.

Pop us a message if you want to join or have questions.

Read the public call for details (scroll down for English):