Safe Mode: Amplified Realities, Athens, 08.10 – 05.11 2022.

A 3 part exhibition SAFE MODE: AMPLIFIED REALITIES _ PART ONE, SAFE MODE: AMPLIFIED REALITIES _ PART TWO and SAFE MODE: AMPLIFIED REALITIES _ PART THREE co-curated by TILT platform and Foteini Vergidou at The Project Gallery, Misc.Athens and BHD.hub. Eye wash station and curtains, was by Alex Zakkas and Zsolt Mesterhazy for

Following some exhausting hunt, parts for the eye wash were obtained via the browser from ali**** and assembled with an admirable eye for detail and inspiring local care!

Thank you Foteini Vergidou and Tilt Platform for the invitation and spirited production!

eye wash station and curtains by alex zakkas and zsolt mesterhazy for browserbased at Misc Athens.

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